The time it takes me to design, build and maintain

last modified: 20 February 2015

Designing, building and maintaining a website takes time. How much?
My time spent below (in hours), latest work done on top.

Work done (version 2.0 - 2.30)Time
Updated the Favicon renderer to match the latest created favicons from
Needed a syntax highlighter for the article thus created an implementation for Composite C1 (SyntaxHighlighter from Alex Gobatchev and Razor)8
Wrote an article about implementing IGenericSortable.3
Fixed some styling issues on the website.1
Upgraded Composite C1 and several third party components (ajaxmin, codemirror, sass)4
Refactor widget providers, move them to the correct namespaces. Comment more code.2
Inspired by the Sortable Package from the contrib project, added the IGenericSortable interface into C1. Static and Dynamic (IData) classes are now sortable from the console8
Added a modified version of the Url Alias package from Composite to be a first class routing citizen.2
Modified the image dialog in the editors so you can select files from the front-end directory - with preview3
Added Httpmodule to gzip svg files - in IIS this will not work from a web.config setting.4
Extended the css parser to minify, combine media queries and sort properties (alphabetically). Supported through configuration settings.94
Created a custom css parser for Sass (using the ruby compiler so we can stay up to date with the original)62
Redesign website - bump major version80
Created a member area (just for me now) and a complete CORS enabled web access module with custom membership and role provider. Also implements a white list for allowed callers (Apps).215
Modified the website file element provider in C1 so it supports filtering on extensions. With the accompanying front end file widget a nice way to let the user only select the files of the type you want to allow - they won't see the other files in the tree.8
Created 'Content Parts', inspired by the 'PageTemplateFeatures' but localizable!6
Make the tables on this page calculate a total (sum of all hours used)3

Converted my logo to svg (needed some extra time to get acquainted with Illustrator (that time is not included - should it?)

Done a lot of optimizing through tools and by hand - now I have a scalable logo half the size of an optimized png.

Rearranged pages for a more structured approach2
Work done (version 1.0 - 1.12)Time
Added some subtle transitions/animations to hovers and buttons1
Added a SEO meta datatype for webpages and 'Adaptive content' that renders provided SEO and social media meta tags (Facebook, Twitter, Google)24
Implemented 'Pattern Lab' (with Photoshop like guides) functionality as a secondary window to C1. Works great if you have two monitors and you're building and testing mobile first, responsive websites (as you should). I named it the 'Responsivator'; also a great name for a sex toy. ;)16
Implemented image optimization in C1. Now I can optimize images in the media folder (like Web Essentials in Visual Studio) with a click of a button.8
Created a 'Critical Css' solution, i.e. check content and styles 'above the fold' and render that style inline and then load the full style sheet dynamically. Added a check whether the client has loaded the full css before. If so ignore above the fold css and just provide the full css as that will be fetched from the client cache anyway.16
Added support for the 'if-modified-since' request header for website content - a rather abstruse subject, specifically for IIS4
Created a favicon datatype and a corresponding function in C1 to render all 'required' favicons meta data.3
Created a static resource cache/fingerprint solution for optimized content delivery24
Changed main template to Razor - much more c# power1
Played with Google Page Speed and optimized everything using the power of C160
Re-factored styles to a basic start set

Content proofread

Modified container style so footer works on IE too

Cleaned up more styles (copy/paste is an accident waiting to happen)

Added version label

Added structured data markup


Initial content

Small style adjustments


Setting up CMS
Initial design

Main template
Basic styles

published on: 11 September 2014